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Supported by a 55,000+ acre farming operation, we feed over 230,000 head of cattle in six large-scale feedlots spread across the Texas High Plains, Eastern New Mexico, and Nebraska. Using new feeding technologies under the direction of an experienced management team, the Oppliger Companies are leaders in the custom cattle feeding industry. Currently, we are ranked as the 13th largest cattle feeding operation in the U.S. by the National Cattlemen's Beef Association.

Dickens Yard

Integrated and Responsive. The strength of the cattle-feeding division lies in our vertically-integrated agricultural and ranching operations. Such an expansive agricultural operation, along with hundreds of acres of ranch land, allow us to quickly fine-tune and change cattle rations and gain-weights in response to commodity prices and environmental conditions. That results in improved cattle performance and a better profit margin for our customers.

Committed to Our Cattle. We care for our cattle. Indeed, cattle health is our number one priority. To ensure proper nutrition and animal health, we employ on-site vets and a professional nutritionist to stay current with animal health and cattle-feeding trends. In addition, our feedlots are designed to promote cattle comfort and reduce stress. To learn more, click here.

Dickens Yard

Sustainable Cattle Feeding. As cattlemen who grew up on the farm, we understand the importance of producing beef using eco-friendly methods. Accordingly, our feeding system is the most environmentally sustainable method of beef production. Our system's environmental edge is simple: we produce more meat with less cattle—and do so more efficiently—using our feedlot system rather than a pure grass-fed system. That results in numerous environmental advantages over grass-fed systems, including less methane and nitrous oxide emissions, less water use, and less land use. Please click here to learn more about our smaller carbon footprint and other environmental benefits of finishing cattle in feedlots.

Advantages: Additional advantages to feeding with us include:

The North Yard
Located at Clovis, NM
Capacity - 35,000 head
Head Manager - Sam Jackson
Manager - Keith Espenson
The South Yard
Located at Farwell, TX
Capacity - 40,000 head
Head Manager - Sam Jackson
The Sunnyside Yard
Located at Sunnyside, TX
Capacity - 35,000 head
Head Manager - Sam Jackson
Carrizo Feeders
Located at Texline, TX
Capacity - 35,000 head
Head Manager - Sam Jackson
Manager - Ralph Maynes
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Cottonwood Feeders
Located at Stuart, NE
Capacity - 15,000 head
Manager - Nathan Dvorak
The Dickens Feedlot
Located at Dickens, NE
Capacity - 70,000 head
Manager - Efren Gomez
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