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The Oppliger Companies form a large, diversified agribusiness operation that is headquartered in Amarillo, Texas. Don Oppliger owns and manages the Oppliger Companies. What started with a single feedlot at Farwell, Texas, the Oppliger Companies have grown rapidly in size and now include six large-scale feedlots, over 55,000 acres of irrigated farmland, a dairy, and thousands of acres of ranch land. Such a diversified operation affords the Oppliger Companies a unique advantage over other cattle-feeding and farming operations: the ability to quickly change and adapt to volatile environmental and market conditions.

Brief History

Don Oppliger started his operation in 1980 by renting farm land at Hereford, Texas and growing corn for Frito Lay. He then purchased a 15,000 head feedlot at Farwell, Texas. The cattle-feeding operation thrived under Don Oppliger's direction, whose knowledge and experience in the cattle-feeding and farming industries enabled him to vertically integrate his operation. 


After relocating to the Texas-New Mexico border, Don Oppliger began fine-tuning the integration of the cattle-feeding and farming operations and continued expanding. In 1991, Don Oppliger acquired a 35,000 head feedlot in Clovis, New Mexico and more irrigated farmland to supply the new feedlot. Then, in 1998, Don Oppliger purchased a large farm in Lincoln County, Nebraska, on which he built a 55,000 head feedlot and later expanded it to 70,000 head.

The Expansion Continues

In the last decade, the Oppliger Companies have acquired multiple ranches across Western Nebraska, additional farmland in Nebraska and Texas, and two feedlots located near our larger farming operations. The ranches offer excellent pasture for cattle grazing and provide excellent hunting grounds in the fall. The farmland, in addition to feeding our cattle, grows corn, soybeans, popcorn, grain sorghum, and potatoes for commercial sellers.

Through the use of innovative farming and feeding techniques and good business practices, the Oppliger Companies remain committed to producing quality beef and grain commodities. Such practices continue to fuel the growth of the Oppliger Companies.